Couples can be unsure of what stationery pieces they'll need for their wedding. We're happy to help you choose what you'll need based on the style, location and budget of your big day. 


Order 10 to 18 months before the big day

What's it for? Once your venue has been confirmed, order your save the date cards. These go out 10 to 18 months before the wedding to ensure guests mark their calendars and save the date. Most important if you’re having a destination wedding. Details of a wedding website can be included to direct guests to any further details.

Is it essential? If you're getting married in a popular holiday spot or high season, your guests will need a save the date so they can book accommodation or travel in advance. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to skip letterpress for the save the date and opt for digital print instead.


Order 8 to 3 months before the big day

What's it for? The invitation is a foretaste of your wedding day style. From this card, they’ll be able to deduce various things about your wedding, including:

The wedding theme: Inspired by The Great Gatsby, barely blush or homespun romance, what is your wedding style? By offering a little insight into your wedding theme, guests will get excited about being invited to such a great wedding.

The level of formality: A morning suit or chinos and a polo? Guests need to know what is expected of them.

The who, what, where, and when? Give your guests the important information however you like. It can be traditional, mysterious, funny, whatever; but there are certain things you simply cannot leave off of the invitation card, the last thing you want is guests showing up 3 hours late for your wedding ceremony!

Is it essential? If you want people to be there, you’re going to need an invitation!


What's it for? If you need to know how many guests to expect, you need some form of RSVP. Some guests will return an RSVP card promptly, while others may appreciate the convenience of being able to RSVP via text or email.

Is it essential? If you’re having a formal wedding reception with sit down meal, you will absolutely need an RSVP card. If on the other hand you’re having a more informal reception, it’s still a useful way to estimate how many sausage rolls you'll need! Having a small or intimate venue often means there isn’t enough space for everyone you’d like to be there. Guests declining can allow you to invite others instead, so when ordering invitations, allow for a second round.


What's it for?  For details about accommodation, directions, gifts or just general need to knows.

Is it essential?  Yes, but remember the majority of your guests are probably able to Google your venue, find their own way there and locate suitable accommodation, keep the text to a minimum. If you're finding it difficult to get all the details on one piece of paper, perhaps consider a wedding website.  There are many free options out there, even for those with little to no knowledge of web design. Then you can go all out on the info!


Order 4 to 2 months before the big day


What's it for? While your guests are waiting for you to walk down the aisle, they can read the program to learn who’s who, what’s coming next and the words for any hymns or readings.

Is it essential? For a short civil ceremony with no wedding party, you can forego these. If you want your guests to sing, stand or participate in the ceremony, they’ll need instruction. This is also the best place to honour the wedding party and any loved ones who couldn’t be there.


What's it for? At a sit down reception, the table plan, table names/numbers and place cards are used by guests to locate their table and find their seat.

Is it essential? If you’re having a large reception with many tables it will be difficult for your guests to find their seat without these items. Unaided your guests will be wandering around the venue for hours, while their wedding breakfast is getting cold. For small, intimate weddings with one large table, place cards would be sufficient.


What's it for? The menu card can be used one per person at a plated dinner reception or perhaps one or two per table to show their guests what grub is going to be served.

Is it essential? Although a little extravagant, wedding menus can make a lovely keepsake for you and your guests. It’s possible for the menu to serve as a place card, with space left for digitally printing or calligraphing the name on the card.